How to control your ego.


Today I’d like to talk about the true power of a properly adjusted ego. In addition to our usual qualities of having a positive outlook on life and feeling generally at ease with our accomplishments, there is a deeper and more all encompassing quality to having a properly adjusted ego to fit your needs and personality. We’ve already talked about some of the bad of having an ego out of control. This time I’d like to conclude our ego newsletter by covering a few of the basics that make an adjusted ego actually an incredibly positive gift and a powerful tool. And no tool is greater in equalizing your ego to the level most useful and comfortable to you than our entrainment therapy at

First, let’s look at the potential for personal relationships. A personality type with a good ego will inspire confidence in others. The fact that this ego is met with comparable results will show others that you aren’t all talk, but you will only claim what you know you can do. You will never find yourself in an embarrassing situation where you are expected to perform past your abilities, but you will not find the need to apologize either, realizing that others cut you just as much slack as they cut everyone else in the world. This means you will be able to better show your friends and families just what you’re capable of and make no apologies about your attributes both bad and good. And with honest development the bad will start diminishing almost immediately.

Next, let’s examine the personal development of someone with a properly adjusted ego. After getting an accurate image of yourself, the first thing you might want to do is head out into the world and improve what you like about yourself since you won’t be focusing on a fantasy image that you don’t truly believe in deep down. Maximizing your strengths means you will be able to start practicing the skills you truly enjoy and are good at, and specialize your abilities to fit your own needs. An individual who has his or her ego in check not only can appreciate everything they are good at, they can also remove the problems inherent in taking on new skills and developing. Think of an artist or a musician. If you imagine yourself as a great musician, you may get frustrated when it doesn’t work out right away. The result might be frustration with the instrument and abandoning the project. If your ego is properly in check, you will be able to develop your skills gradually from the ground up. You’ll be able to start small and take pleasure in your victories. The end result in six months time would be a far better musician or a vastly improved artist who never struggled, but rather enjoyed the experience of learning. Now imagine that same principle with every aspect of life. There’s no reason to wait another minute! You can find our entrainment therapy at

But if that’s not enough, by properly checking our egos we actually improve the amount of money we can get in our jobs as well. Rather than being driven by fear and desire from a fictionalized self image, we can generally accrue more wealth, enjoy an improved sense of job satisfaction, and eliminate vast amounts of job stress just by taking an honest look at the big picture of our employment and where it stands each day. And by having a proper ego check you can ensure you’re always open for improvement in areas where it is needed while not worrying unnecessarily on areas that are just fine. And it can vastly improve relationships with employers, customers, associates, and employees as well. No matter where you stand on the corporate ladder, this therapy can ensure you benefit from feedback and get the most out of interactions with your peers.

I hope you found our lessons on ego control helpful. By checking our ego we can ensure our lives don’t spiral out of control into the terrifying world of self delusion and eventual collapse of all our social, romantic, personal, and professional relationships. It can bring us money and prosperity and help us quickly develop one of the most important relationships any of us will ever have – with ourselves.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!