Today I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about ego control, how we lose control of our identity, and some simple ways to use our recordings to help bring egos back under control. First, it’s important to understand that even if we have control of our own egos, the effect our environment has on us can often result in the disruption of our own self image and lead to a long and difficult ordeal.

When we feel good about ourselves it allows us the opportunity to empower us to do more good in the world. But occasionally the good we get from our victories both real and false can tether us to a self image that is inflated and make us believe we are capable of far more than we could achieve alone. The end result is a complete isolation from the world around us and a drive to always be doing more. In the end this drive can even lead us to break down the very image we clung to previously. But how does self image get out of control in the first place?

It could be a number of things. One of the major difficulties with proper self image is that a low self esteem can actually lead to a hyperinflated ego. It sounds counterintuitive, but occasionally we end up with issues that can give us cause to create a fictional sense of self around which we develop an ego. This false image of ourselves is fictional, and while it isn’t satisfying to us it’s even less convincing to others. In the end we are consumed by this false ego that ultimately consumes us and forces us to live fictional lives and be satisfied only by achievements made by our fictional personas. But even if somehow we achieve them, because we are not honest with ourselves even these victories can seem borrowed from someone else’s life or not quite satisfying.

Ultimately, ego control is about getting a firm understanding of who you really are. You may be asking too much of yourself, or you may simply not be asking for the right things. If you’re asking too much, you will always feel like you’re getting too little. If you’re asking for the wrong things you will always feel like you’re on the wrong path and that the quality of your life is slowly degrading.

Fortunately, the fix is far simpler than the problem itself. By attuning your mind’s operating frequencies to the proper ego mentality you can assure yourself a life where not only are you getting the results you want, but can be satisfied with the ones you get. It’s as simple as utilizing our entrainment